some drawings

now with more paintings!

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this is art from before September 2019. click here to see my newer art.


tegaki drawing for environment thread. uncomfortable feelings about looking at the floor but still being able to sense when people look at you, or at least anxiously thinking you can

big eyes

boy if you dont

looks like i sorta started making OCs. you can't stop me hahahahah

bad mech action scene for /i/'s mech girl thread

i've been doing stuff on 4chan's /i/ (oekaki) board lately, specifically the mech girl thread. it's cool and fun, and i've drawn like 4 consecutive pics of the same character which is new territory for me

i was cold and shivering and for a moment it felt like i was about to transform into something new and better and different, but i'm still stuck in this bunk ass human form. so i drew this. being a plant would be cooler

scum in scum cave. i think ive spent literal years in this room. i feel like shit

i haven't slept yet and i need to


i need to stop drawing my legs so long

tree man

another set of sketches and another update to art.html seeking external validation like a goober. first/left are from life.

dudes arguing. trying to put more figures in environments. eventually i'll have the trifecta: figures with faces in environments

pov drawign

face in gouache

crude cylinder shape thing. same surface, gouache. went dark to light more intentionally on this one

i have done a tree (in gouache (on printer paper glued to cardboard))
i have done a sphere (in gouache (on printer paper glued to cardboard))

a tiny house

a page of ink instead of pencil

back to my roots of puffy haired girls that vaguely resemble Gally sometimes



i wish it was halloween again. i've been enjoying drawing eyes on things.

another take on the whole witch's arm thing, and a place for distractions.

these drawings contain trees

some guy

more goofing off with grids. loose ideas for a cover to something.

goofing off with some shapes n grids and lettering sorta

yale sweater girl is based loosely on a girl i saw at the airport

some fun with kinda gimmicky art effects, thud panel is kind of a study

goofing around with stimpy expressions

kinda bad dog drawing

some squishy stretchy stuff.

a drawing inspired by rebecca sugar's unfinished comic Margo in Bed