A while ago I went through the piscine selection process at 42. Didn't get in. Sad, whatever. Learned C, though. I had learned C before, but 42 was a lot better than the books I had read. Helped me figure out that I can tackle bigger projects than I thought I could.

After that, I spent two weeks w/o internet at my dad's. Mostly spent it watching curling and working through The Little Schemer + Land of Lisp. Started getting back into drawing a bit before I got back home, too.

Right now with art I'm trying to restructure things a bit. I set up a sort of daily warmup for myself involving boxes in perspective, organic forms, and gesture drawing. Lately I'm having trouble getting myself to do anything structured after I finish that, though. Generally I want to focus on going over technical stuff again, now that I feel like I'm in a better place to apply it and really take it in. I could use a decent set of refreshers on the figure (clothed and unclothed), the face, and putting them in context. That and trying to work out those unused design muscles. Drawing is one of the few things I care about, though you can hardly tell through my utter lack of ambition.

I'm trying to piece together a comic, or my idea for a comic, and start working on that. It's fun. Today I managed to spend a few minutes daydreaming about it, which doesn't sound special, but I rarely ever think about things that don't demand my attention, which makes it special for me. If you don't do a lot of daydreaming, I definitely recommend stepping away from the computer for a few minutes, closing your eyes, and just playing with whatever appears in your head.

My grandmother is worrying herself sick over what I do going forward. I've got it sorta thought out, at least. The pell grant dispersal I'm eligeble for should cover tuition at the same community college that my mother went to. Between now and then, I can head back up to dad's and try to make some money up there, when I sit down and decide to do it. Once all the school paperwork is figured, I guess.

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