july 29

life is ok. thinking of brewing some kilju or strawberry wine so i can drink on halloween. I spent 10 bucks on a vps and domain, so for a year I've got a box I can push to with git and play sysadmin with. Started watching Battlestar Galactica, which is pretty cool.

game update:
Lot of new stuff. Some new, less placeholder-ey assets. Multiple enemy and projectile types. A pause menu. Different aspect ratio. Collision with vrld's HC library. Still left: plumbing for animations. Plumbing for multiple levels. Anything to do with sound. Still need to tweak projectiles so they come out centered. I really want to add hit effects and rotation for the projectiles, so they feel a bit more meaty, like they're rolling through the air and crashing into shit. Maybe even stun. Would stun be a good thing to add to a shmup?

Oh, players, projectiles and enemies (and their respective hitboxes) scale to the width of the screen now.

just an image here for now because i broke level loading and haven't fixed it yet.

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