august 16

College starting really soon, so if I'm going to finish the untitled vertical scrolling shooter it'll probably take a while after I'm settled in to my new schedule.

I'll have a decent chunk of change left over after books from my pell this semester, so if I don't need it to cover next semester's tuition or something weird, I'll see if I can buy myself some kind of lemon of a car. Need to get my license first though. I've been doing OverTheWire wargames again, since yesterday. Managed to get to Narnia's level 7, or whatever the one with the format string vulnerability after the first format string level was. Made chocolate chip muffins today, too.

Title just made me realize how close to the holidays we're getting. Really looking forward to halloween. I never do anything, but maybe that's why it's my favorite holiday.

Applied to a handful of jobs yesterday. I get calls but they're just my mom's debt collectors. I bomb interviews anyway.

game update:
really bad animation (new frames made hastily in gimp w/trackpad) and i fixed the level loading more or less.

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