December 18

I finished my first semester. Did pretty well in all my classes. Cs and Bs, As in remedial math. I think my teachers just like me or something though. Maybe I'm just so pitiful or disgusting that they don't want to have to discuss my grades w/me or something. Or they give my bad essays good grades because they want to see me pass. Whatever. I've been taking a break from the wider internet lately, beyond using my phone some here and there. Getting online now to download some French in Action stuff because I deleted it from my phone and laptop like a dumbass ages ago. Not sure if it's really worth my energy to pursue learning a language, but it's always really rewarding to me to find something written in French or spoken in French and be able to understand it. Anway, I'm gonna try to get a driver's card before my life gets flip-turned upside down and I (hopefully) move in with the boyf in seattle. Should definitely try getting a job though. Money never hurts.

Recently I've been enjoying a lot of PS2 games, what with the softmod stuff I mentioned earlier. I've been playing mostly Persona 3 FES, Way of The Samurai and San Andreas lately. I think I enjoy the PS2 library a lot because 3D was really coming into its own by then, and I don't see any of the games engaging in any of the predatory or needlessly immersion-breaking practices common in later games. I think that and the lack of distractions is why I resonate more with PS2 games than with PC or later console generation games. There's nothing to get in the way. No achievement unlocked notifications, no media center netflix shit, no web browser or chat window just offscreen, and no ingame areas leading to prompts to purchase DLC. It's just a straight up video game.

I'm gonna be signing off again once this download ends, but expect some art soon-ish. I've also been continuing to work on that idea I mentioned a few posts back. It's still in the idea/outline stage, but it seems okay enough to keep wrenching on until completion. You might see this dumb fuck put out a comic here pretty soon-ish.

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