march 6

so you know how i said i wasn't gonna treat this blog like an internet diary anymore? so that was a lie? probably. whatever. when artists make shit its just another part of their lives. i haven't been making a lot lately though. i got a job and i'm lazy so its harder to make time to do stuff i supposedly care about. at least i've got some money i guess. i dont like being reduced to this one monotonous skillset. it's dehumanizing. also i got my drivers license finally.

as of today i'm shutting myself off from the net again. everything online just started to look like dog shit. virtual parasites. a lake of leeches. i think id disappear from it completely if i didnt depend on the net for all my human contact.

anyway the comic thing i was working on is still having trouble in the writing stage, namely that i havent sat down to write and im overthinking the shit out of everything which would be good maybe if i like. actually wrote instead of just sitting there & browsing twitter? also ive been drawing still and kinda. shifting and transforming a little bit stylistically. not a lot but i look back and it feels like im a different person. morphing into weird shit like tetsuos arm. anyway i keep failing to execute on the comic scripts and blaming it on the premises i generate for myself being shitty to work with, but idk if that's actually accurate to why im fucking up. i'm feeling more lucid than i usually do so i'll probably be chugging away at this shit again either way. i also did some stuff in sharpie about like, hating this fucking flesh suit. and there's the stuff i posted to the art page. so i think i can do something cool here eventually

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